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Arbeidsavtale midlertidig ansettelse


Here you will find a template for employment contract in English, based on Norwegian law.

The purpose of a probationary employment is that the employer should have the opportunity to probate a person in a certain position before transferring to a permanent employment. However, there must be a need for a trial; the person may not, for example, have first been a substitute and then become a probationary employee.

A probationary employment can be agreed for up to six months. Please note that collective agreements may have other rules.

The employer may terminate the probationary period at any time during the probationary period without giving any specific reason. In other words, there is no requirement for a factual basis for dismissal. The employer must notify 14 days in advance if the probationary employment will end.

No such notice period applies to the probationary employee. However, a mutual notice period can be agreed.

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